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AMP! Metro Richmond is a one-to-one mentoring program operating in Thomas C. Boushall Middle School in Richmond’s Southside. Mentors and students meet weekly on Tuesdays at lunchtime, forming a relationship that suits the needs of the student. Some play games. Some share common interests in sports, the arts, computers, etc. The AMP! program is a simple and flexible concept based on the belief that everyone has strengths and those strengths can be accessed and reinforced through the gift of caring and listening.

Our Mission:  Our mission is to connect students and mentors through school-based mentoring to amplify perspectives on what can be. Our goal is to create self-confidence, stimulate learning and encourage career discovery for young people.

AMP! has been working with students in Richmond Public Schools since it incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in 2007.  We began at Chandler Middle School and then moved to Henderson Middle School in 2009.  In 2018, AMP! moved to Boushall Middle School. Our future and continued success are made possible by generous volunteers and partners.

AMP Mentoring
AMP Mentoring Group

T.C. Boushall scholars are respectful, responsible, and ready to learn and T.C. Boushall faculty and staff are caring, committed, and creative.